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DR-10 Downtown Residential District

High-rise apartment buildings, largely in the Gold Coast. Ground-floor stores are okay, offices aren't.


Zoning Ordinance reference ยง 17-4-0104
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Floor area ratio 10
Maximum building height None, but buildings taller than city's "building height thresholds" require Planned Development review.
Lot area per unit (density) 115 sq ft/dwelling unit, 75 sq ft/efficiency unit, 60 sq ft/SRO unit
Minimum lot area
On-site open space All buildings with people living in them must have at least 36 sq ft of on-site open space per dwelling unit. (See 17-4-0410-A)


Front yard 15ft, or 12% of lot depth, whichever is less. Alternatively, setback can be the average front yard depth of nearest 2 lots.
Side None
Back yard For detached houses, 28% of lot depth or 50 feet (whichever is less.) For principal buildings, 30% of lot depth or 50 feet (whichever is less), but this only applies to parts of buildings 18 feet or more above grade.