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C3-1 Commercial, Manufacturing and Employment District

Businesses and factories, no housing allowed. Serves as a buffer between manufacturing and residential/commercial districts.


Zoning Ordinance reference ยง 17-3-0107
Open the Chicago Zoning Ordinance (PDF)
Floor area ratio 1.2
Maximum building height Varies by lot frontage, and whether building has ground-floor commercial space. (See 17-3-0408)
Lot area per unit (density) 2,500 sq ft/dwelling unit, 2,500 sq ft/efficiency unit, no SRO units allowed
Minimum lot area
On-site open space N/A


Front yard None, unless property borders an R-zoned lot. Then the front setback must be at least 50% of the R lot's front setback. (See 17-3-0404.)
Side None, unless property borders an R-zoned lot. Then the R lot's front setback applies.
Back yard If property has dwelling units, minimum of 30 ft. If its rear property line borders the side property line of an R-zoned lot, the rear setback must equal the side setback of the R-zoned lot. If rear line borders the R lot's rear line, setback must be at least 16 ft.