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B3-2 Community Shopping District

Shopping centers, large stores, and retail storefronts, often along major streets. Allows more types of businesses than B1 and B2 districts. Apartments permitted above the ground floor.


Zoning Ordinance reference ยง 17-3-0104
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Floor area ratio 2.2
Maximum building height Varies by lot frontage, and whether building has ground-floor commercial space. (See 17-3-0408)
Lot area per unit (density) 1,000 sq ft/dwelling unit, 700 sq ft/efficiency unit, 700 sq ft/SRO unit
Minimum lot area
On-site open space N/A


Front yard None, unless property borders an R-zoned lot. Then the front setback must be at least 50% of the R lot's front setback. (See 17-3-0404.)
Side None, unless property borders an R-zoned lot. Then the R lot's front setback applies.
Back yard If property has dwelling units, minimum of 30 ft. If its rear property line borders the side property line of an R-zoned lot, the rear setback must equal the side setback of the R-zoned lot. If rear line borders the R lot's rear line, setback must be at least 16 ft.